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Juarez & Hospinal makes arbitration support services available to you. These services provide quality assistance so that Ad hoc arbitration can be rendered in a quick, personalized fashion, and under the best logistical conditions. You can count on highly qualified professionals with vast experience in the field.

Also, our customers when choosing us as your judicial office, will have the following services:
  • Clients that select us as their arbitration venue also benefit from the following services:Expeditious arbitration management. Continuous support and follow-up of the arbitration process, reception of all writs and documents from the parties involved, and timely notice of resolutions and communication from the arbitrators.
  • Dedicated counsel and assistance during the arbitration process. We have highly qualified professionals, who will advise you and answer all your questions regarding the arbitration.
  • Courtroom:Arbitration rooms with appropriate equipment and the best technology customized to satisfy your ultimate demands..


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