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contrataciones-publcThe field of public procurement in Peru has had in recent years sustained and accelerated development in our country, having implemented, among others, the Electronic System of State Procurement - SEACE (2004), (www.seace.gob. pe) broadcast the first stage of the procurement process has been satisfactorily completed, having taken the first steps to implement a new stage in the procurement processes that are developed entirely by virtual or electronic means, regardless of the participation physical or face of the bidders.

Also notable is the significant state involvement in the economy, having made sustained market purchases by over 8 billion annual figures.

In the legal field, the public procurement system has since February 2009 a new Law on Government Procurement - Legislative Decree No. 1017 and Regulation.

Under this framework, Study Juárez & Hospinal provides the following services:

  • Advise public to state vendors regarding all phases of government contracting (preparatory acts and planning, selection and contract execution) entities
  • Advice to suppliers to facilitate their participation in tenders for the procurement of goods, services or works, including procedures for obtaining or renewing the national register of suppliers, query formulation and / or comments, proposals, etc.
  • Advice regarding challenges to the process, is before the Court on Government Procurement (OSCE) or to the contracting entities.
  • Advice for signing contracts with the State, negotiations and contract modifications.
  • Advice on administrative arbitrations.
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