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An important feature of the legal counsel our firm provides is conflict prevention services. There is first an evaluation of any possible contingencies in our client’s activities. If a dispute proves unavoidable, we advise our client on the most suitable mechanisms to solve the conflict through alternative methods such as negotiation, conciliation, expert’s assessment or arbitration.

Our staff members have vast representation experience for arbitration proceedings, including the area of State procurement, and have even acted as arbitrators for different business conflicts involving third parties. Also, we are registered in the relevant arbitration entities, which gives us a good perspective on how arbitration proceedings are resolved.

We represent clients on arbitration matters because we are convinced of the benefits of this conflict-solving alternative, which has gained more and more recognition in the field given its swift, unique, accessible and predictable nature, among other favorable aspects.


Our firm also provides legal counsel on commercial, civil-financial, contentious-administrative court proceedings, including general and precautionary measures. We also provide representation in court proceedings related to the annulment or enforcement of arbitration awards.


The staff in our firm has sound and extensive knowledge and experience on Administrative Law. This enables us to advise our clients on administrative procedures –a field of law that cuts across a company’s day-to-day commercial activities.



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